Our coaches are your friends too

They are certified and regularly go on specialized courses

Experts in weightlifting, functional exercise, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, sports massage… Choose who is best for you according to their specialization.

They succeed at competitions

Our trainers regularly take part in crosstraining, weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, and sometimes also take a demanding outdoor run for survival. They will help you get into racing form.

They have people skills

Do you need someone to really encourage you during exercise? Or do you prefer a calmer approach? A good coach is also a bit of a psychologist and they will know what applies to you.

Meet our coaches

Martin Frankl

Martin is a certified coach. He specializes in fitness and functional exercises - contact him if you want to improve your fitness, have a sedentary job and your back hurts, or you want to learn more about sports and its impact on health. He will also help you as a nutritionist. He works in New Park as a head coach and manager.

Lukáš Pospíšil

Lukáš's focus is calisthenics and street workout. Rather than exercising, it's a lifestyle, working with your own body and complex exercises that you practice outside the gym walls. He will teach you how to perform push-ups, dips, squats and other basic exercises.

Vojtěch Nádeníček

Vojta competes in bodybuilding and focuses on reducing fat and gaining muscle mass. He used to play competitive basketball, do gymnastics, athletics and judo. He has been a certified fitness instructor since 2017. He will help you put together a training and nutrition plan so that you can strengthen and "get big" as best and as quickly as possible.

Radim Hruška

After he finishied with volleyball, he began studying fitness training at Palacký University in Olomouc. During his studies, he was aready fully training and attending countless seminars and conferences on strength training and injury prevention. His goal is to move without pain, improve performance and overall lifestyle of his clients through helping them achieve basic movement patterns, which they transfer to everyday life, a balanced diet and good regeneration. You train with him whether you are a top athlete and you want to be sufficiently prepared to give maximum performance in your sport, or if you are bothered by movement restrictions, or you just want to feel better in your body.

Kateřina Vašíčková

Katka studies fitness training at Masaryk University. She is dedicated to racing weightlifting. She is also interested in compensatory exercise and a healthy and functional body. She likes to help anyone who wants to start exercising. You can also contact her about training and nutrition plans.

Honza Hanáček

Honza is an expert in weightlifting and strength training. He will also teach you multi-joint exercises, which are the basis of almost all sports. In 2016, he broke the national record in bench press. In addition to weightlifting and powerlifting, he plays hockey.

Lucija Štěpániková

Lucija graduated in physical education, coaching and regeneration and nutrition in sports. She is versatile and currently works as a coach of Crosstraining lessons. She used to do a lot of yoga and fitness, in her youth she even played volleyball at the level of the Slovak women's extra league. She will advise you on healthy exercise, nutrition, help you prepare for competitions and also do massages and cupping.

Ondřej Hovjacký

Ondřej dedicated his sporting life to weightlifting. During his 12 year old career, he went through the racing period in weightlifting in all age categories, from younger students to men. He will teach you to combine strength, speed, flexibility, coordination and a calm head.

Michal Kroupa

Through performance sports in his youth and studying at the Faculty of Sports Studies, he began to specialize in functional training, yoga and TRX yoga. He tries to adapt the personal treining as much as possible to the needs and goals of the client and he will always recommend and compile the most suitable training accordingly. He can also advise you on weight reduction and muscle gain.

Robin Holík

Robin likes Crosstraining, street workout and outside the gym she also plays football and trains younger students. He also understands massages, cupping and taping. Among other things, he will help you with sports regeneration and reconvalescence after more serious and long-term injuries.

Roman Kunčar

Personal trainer, Life coach and nutritional advisor (CZ,EN) focused on body transformations - fat reduction, lean muscle building, adjusting body compositions for beginners as well as for advanced athletes. Compensating disbalances, improving moving habits and overall health.
Roman spent most of his career in Manchester (U.K.), where he obtained all qualifications and experiences necessary to start his own business. In the gym with more than 5 thousand members, he spent 2 years known as “Body transformation coach”. He will provide you with an effective training plan as well as personalised nutrition plan.

Milan Vývoda

Milan has been into sport and exercising since he was kid. Since he was 6 years old, he was doing gymnastics. Gym was a big pet of his hobbies, but only later on, he developed big interest in nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle. That’s why he might be able to offer more than some other PT’s.
Milan works with people on longer basis, so if you know you really want to do something, start living healthier life and exercise, don’t hesitate to contact him and arrange your consultation.

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