Smaller group classes take place in a separate hall, which will provide you with not only privacy but also sufficient space. It has an area of 130 m². We offer about 15 types of lessons. You can find their current list in timetable. Everyone can choose – from exercises for mothers with babysitting through TRX yoga, pilates to circular  training.

Classes in the Hall


High intensity interval training – alternating high-intensity intervals of maximum load above about 80% of the maximum heart rate with sections of lower intensity.

Body Forming

It combines aerobic activity with working out. The basic aid for this exercise is the weight of one's own body, thanks to which there is no overloading of joints or muscles.

Circular Training

Circuit training improves overall fitness and strengthens muscles. Exercising takes place on sites focusing on individual muscle groups, alternating the place of load. The pause is 20-30 seconds, or it moves to the next station without a pause. After rehearsing the series, there are 2-4 minutes of rest.

Firm abs and buttocks

A lesson focused mainly on weakened areas, such as buttocks, legs and core. It consists of simple exercises, we practice in groups and pay attention to the correct technique. We are in no hurry. The lesson is suitable for beginners or who want to improve their technique with a focus on these areas. It solves muscle imbalances, helps with back pain and boosts your self-confidence.

Stamina Training

The lesson is focused on strengthening the whole body working out with its own weight. It is complemented by cardio sets to increase endurance and build physical fitness. You can look forward to training at intervals, with music mixed directly for the lesson and the involvement of cross-training workouts.

Kangoo Jumping

Kangoo Jumping is a fun exercise that relieves stress and you will feel a huge influx of energy, because a lot of endorphins will be flushed into your blood. The exercise is based on aerobics and is suitable for both women and men. You jump on shoes with springs. Thanks to the intensive involvement of the muscles during bouncing, legs and buttocks are the most involved. Kangoo Jumping is ideal for building strength, improving posture even when walking and running, and for weight loss.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga means close combat in Hebrew. It represents the official system of techniques developed for self-defense and close combat of the IDF –  Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli National Police and other Israeli security forces. Krav Maga is a modern, practical and proven system of self-defense techniques, carefully designed to meet the conditions of today's rapidly changing world.

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