Smaller group classes take place in a separate hall, which will provide you with not only privacy but also sufficient space. It has an area of 130 m². We offer about 15 types of lessons. You can find their current list in timetable. Everyone can choose – from exercises for mothers with babysitting through TRX yoga, pilates to circular  training.

Classes in the Hall

Cross kids

Crostraining modified for children. Aimed on strengthening the whole body and its proper development with parts of parkour and street dance to be more attractive for the kids.


Calm your body and mind using combinations od breathe exercices and stabilisation and strenghtening exercises and postures. Suitable when experiencing issues with sleeping, back pain, and stress related problems.

Circular Training

High-intensity interval exercises. It is a comprehensive exercise program that includes elements of cardiovascular and strength training at the same time. It strengthens muscles, the body, speeds up metabolism, burns fat and helps to lose weight

Working out with Babysitting

Exercises for firm buttocks, narrow waist and athletic body. For free babysitting service, make a reservation of min. 1 day in advance to e-mail: info@newpark.cz


High intensity interval training – alternating high-intensity intervals of maximum load above about 80% of the maximum heart rate with sections of lower intensity.


Improves muscle control function, body flexibility, strength and breathing. Pilates exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the whole body, especially the deep abdominal and back muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. All movements come from a stable core to all peripheral parts of the body

Fit Aerobic

It is a highly effective form of endurance-strength aerobics of medium to high intensity. This lesson is mainly focused on strengthening lower limbs and buttocks.

TRX yoga

TRX yoga combines exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles. It is based on functional training – exercises with the weight of one's own body. TRX yoga is a great way to enrich and complicate your TRX practice and master even the most demanding yoga asanas


It combines aerobic activity with working out. The basic aid for this exercise is the weight of one's own body, thanks to which there is no overloading of joints or muscles

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Choose a %odkaz_rozvrh_funkcni_zona%, you are interested in and make a reservation. We accept all benefits – Active Pass, Edenred, Multisport, Sodexo, Benefit plus. The entrance fee includes access to the fitness center. Order coaching services and nutritional counseling in person or at info@newpark.cz and 607 025 595.

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